How Relevant is a Realtor in your Real Estate Transaction?

There are so many variables in a real estate transaction that it’s critical to have the right agent working with and for you, to achieve the most value in the market, whether you are a buyer or seller. Real estate data on the Internet can be useful to help you get started but interpreting that data, which can often be skewed by the input of erroneous information, should be left to a real estate expert. I equate this to all of the medical information that is now available via the Internet. How many of you would actually perform surgery on yourself. Not a good idea! The right real estate agent can help you look at the transaction from a multitude of perspectives that data alone will not provide. One of those perspectives may be the agent’s in depth knowledge of a given area.

While the novice may only see the superficial, an experienced Realtor may see trends and other external factors that may impact value in a positive or negative way in the near and long term. This alone could have a significant impact on a property’s valuation whether you’re buying or selling. While not all real estate agents are created equal, there is no substitute for experience and knowledge when you are involved in a real estate transaction. Going it alone is like playing Russian Roulette, you may get a pass on some of your decisions but you may end up with disastrous consequences on your next one! Whether you are a buyer or seller Don’t go it alone! Hire an agent that will represent you and your best interests.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on why Real Estate Agents are still “very integral”

How Relevant is a Realtor in your Real Estate Transaction?

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