Something for Everyone in Lincoln!

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If you’re looking for a nice place to live in Rhode Island, Lincoln just may be the spot. Located in the northeastern section of the state, just north of Providence, it is ideal for many lifestyles. The climate is typical for New England, of course, so life is exciting here in all seasons.

Lincoln is populated with people in all walks of life. You’ll meet people from a variety of ethnic groups, including Italian, French, African-American, French Canadian, English and Portuguese. The area boasts a high level of professionals, with a preponderance of white collar workers. In fact, a whopping 87.46% of people here list their profession as administration, sales, management or other white collar occupation.

Naturally, with that sort of demographic, you would also expect a high level of education and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Almost forty percent of the people in Lincoln have a bachelor’s or advanced degree of some kind. The people working in the math/computer occupations number more than 95 percent of the national average. That’s pretty hefty stuff, wouldn’t you say?

Nonetheless, there is plenty to do in Lincoln that takes you away from the computer screen or the office. The center of outdoor activity is the beautiful Lincoln Woods State Park. Hit the freshwater beach for swimming, as well as boating. The trails for biking, hiking and horseback riding are top notch. You can also go rock climbing. Picnic facilities abound. In the winter, ice skating, ice fishing and snowmobiling are popular.

If you prefer less physical activity, you’ll be delighted to know Lincoln can accommodate you nicely. Theatres and museums are both in the town and in surrounding areas. Casinos and family arcades are in the area. There’s also a wide array of arts to enjoy, including ballet, art galleries and folk art venues. Concerts are scheduled regularly in the area, too. Since Lincoln is near Providence, it’s convenient to get to some city activities.

All in all, Lincoln, Rhode Island is a great place to settle. If you are interested in viewing or listing a property in the Lincoln area, please contact me, Alex Biliouris, at (401) 769-4333. You can check my website to discover the many ways we can serve you. We can satisfy all your real estate needs!

Something for Everyone in Lincoln!