5 Ways to Prep Your Home to Sell

Ready to move? Selling your home is a big decision that can often be stressful. The goal for most sellers is to find the right buyer quickly. So, if you are looking to get your home prepared to sell, we have a few tips that will help expedite the process.

#1 Home Improvements & Inspections

Although you will be selling your Rhode Island property, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a few home improvements. One way to stay ahead of issues during the sale of your home is by having your own inspection completed in advance. By doing so you will know exactly which items need attention and can decide to either have them fixed, or have them taken off the table when it comes to negotiating a price.

Another item to consider when selling your home, are cosmetic issues. Many cosmetic fixes cost very little and will help your property sell. Buyers typically like to see a home that doesn’t need tons of work. So, if you are willing to put in a little extra time to make your property look the best it can, it will pay off down the road.

#2 Curb Appeal

If you have ever driven up to a home with overgrown trees and peeling front doors, it can turn you off immediately. The solution is to offer buyers something we like to call, curb appeal. If your door looks faded or beaten down, consider adding some new paint to give it a fresh look.

Landscaping is another way you can add curb appeal to your property. By trimming bushes, trees and adding a few plants to the front of your house, you can truly transform its’ look. Although this may seem like a minor factor, it will give buyers a positive first impression that will carry on through their home tour.

#3 Find the Right Rhode Island Realtor

Hiring a realtor will not only make the home selling process simpler, but will help your property gain more exposure. An experienced realtor will have contacts, a website and marketing platforms to help get your property in front of interested buyers. This is crucial, and will be worth what you pay out.

In addition to increased exposure for your property, an experienced realtor will handle all contracts and negotiations with potential buyers. Contracts can be hard to handle and negotiations can take up a substantial amount of time. All can be avoided by hiring a local realtor that is knowledgeable, will help execute the right contracts and is well versed in the art of negotiating a sale in order to get you top dollar.

#4 List for the Right Price

Your list price can make or break a fast sale. This is another reason why you need a trusted realtor on your side. Their knowledge of the local market will be essential when determining your list price. It is very easy to come up with a number, but if you are serious about getting your Rhode Island property sold, a local realtor will be your best bet.

#5 Declutter & Stage

Before your first showing you will need to declutter, depersonalize and stage. Potential buyers will want to be able to envision your home as their own, which is why you should consider removing any personal items throughout your home. In addition to depersonalizing your property, you will need to remove all clutter. A clean and organized space will be much more appealing, and will help buyers see the room without distraction.

The last item you may want to consider is staging. It is an added expense, but can often help potential buyers see your space in a new light. Alternatively, if you do not want to hire a stager for your open house, you can always add a few touches of your own to make your property seem inviting.

Selling your property doesn’t have to be a stressful time. By following our simple guide, you can prep your home for sale without having to break the bank.

At Keller Williams Next Move Realty, our experience is your advantage. We welcome you to comment below with any questions you have about your Rhode Island property!

5 Ways to Prep Your Home to Sell